Conditional formats that work together

I am trying to establish two conditional formats to my spreadsheet:

  1. If there is any text in a certain column then the whole row is shaded yellow.
  2. If I add a “y” to the far right column then the entire row changes to green.

When the row is yellow, I can quickly see that someone has entered a value. I check the response and then enter a “y” in the far right column. The green will indicate that the issue is closed. — Mark

Mark, you can accomplish this with two simple conditional rules:

  1. =NOT(ISBLANK($cr))
  2. =$cr=”y”

Notice that only the column reference is absolute. The following figure shows how these two formulas work:

  • If both references are blank, no format is applied.
  • If the first reference (column A) isn’t empty, the row is yellow.
  • Once you enter a y, the row is green.

There’s no rule to warn you if you enter a y in column B, turning the row green, even if there’s no value in column A, which is something you might want to consider adding.


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