Save custom control defaults

I would like to change the default setting of Word’s text box to no fill and no line. Is there a way to do this? — William

William, insert a text box and format it the way you like. Then, right-click the newly formatted text box and choose Set As Default Text Box from the resulting shortcut menu. To insert a custom text box, click the Insert tab and then choose Draw Text Box from the Text Box option in the Text group. Word will remember the new default formats until you change them or close Word.

There’s the trick though—getting Word to retain the defaults permanently. To do so, open Normal.dotm (using the Trusted Templates shortcut in the Open dialog’s Favorites bar). With Normal.dotm open, follow the instructions above. Delete the formatted text box, save Normal.dotm, and close then close it. All new text box controls in documents based on Normal.dotm will have your custom defaults as long as you use the Draw Text Box option.

You’ll find this functionality available with most controls, shapes, and objects in all of the Office applications, not just Word. I just wrote about this feature in an as yet unpublished article, 10 Underused Office Features. Watch’s 10 things blog for it.


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